SR2 Slingshot is a community competition for storage clients and developers that rewards the storage of real, valuable, and usable data onto the Filecoin Space Race network (testnet). The more real, valuable and usable data you onboard onto the Filecoin network, the more FIL you earn!
# Filecoin Slingshot

# Frequently Asked Questions

# Competition Timeline and Deadlines

# Can you explain how the different phases of Slingshot will work?

The competition is currently planned to consist of two phases:

  • Phase 1: Onboarding — aims to onboard 1 PiB of data over three weeks (currently scheduled to end on October 21, 2020, at 1800 UTC).
  • Phase 2: Scaling — aims to onboard 10 Pebibytes of data by the end of the competition (timeline TBD).

Depending on how the competition unfolds, we may even extend the competition timing to allow us to onboard even more real data and valuable applications so that we can surpass the 10PiB target and unlock even more Filecoin rewards.

# Is there a deadline for applying or submitting my project for Phase 1?

There is no deadline specifically for applying. The defacto deadline is at the end of Phase 1 (October 21, 2020, at 1800 UTC).

# What do I need to submit by the Phase 1 deadline? Do all deals have to be sealed?

We will distribute rewards based on the aggregate data stored across deals made by each project marked Eligible on the leaderboard (meaning they passed Initial Review stage).

Deals do not have to be fully sealed to be counted at the deadline. However, the deals must at least be in preCommit phase 2. In other words, for a deal to be counted, the deal must be accepted, the data transferred to the miner, and sealing begun with preCommit phase 1 completed.

# I submitted an application form, but want to modify some details. How do I do this?

Please submit your modifications to [email protected].

# Eligibility

# Rule 2d states that I must make deals with at least three miners for my project to be eligible. Are there any requirements for how my data is distributed across these miners?

As long as, in aggregate, you have at least one deal stored with at least three miners, this rule is satisfied. There are no requirements with the number of miners with whom you have to store an individual CID.

# How many replicas of a given piece of data are we allowed to store on the testnet? Will the total volume across replicas count towards my rewards?

You are allowed to store up to 10 replicas of the same piece of data on the network. The total volume across these replicas will be counted towards your reward calculation.

Storing more than 10 replicas will be considered gaming the competition and is grounds for disqualification.

# Is my team allowed to submit multiple projects?

Yes. Please ensure that the use cases are different, and you submit separate registration forms and PRs for each project.

# I want to upload a data set that is not on the curated list of data sets. Can I use it anyway?

Potentially, but it needs to be approved by the Community Review panel first. If you want to submit a data set for approval, please open a PR to the list. We recommend you use data sets under the Creative Commons license.

# My project uses multiple Filecoin addresses. How do I make sure my project is getting credit for all of them?

We will work with you to consolidate these addresses on the leaderboard under one address. Once your project’s addresses are on the leaderboard (i.e., your PR has been accepted by the Community Review panel, the project has been accepted, and 2+ addresses associated with your project are on the leaderboard), please send an email with the list of addresses you’d like to consolidate to [email protected]. We will ask you to verify each of these addresses before consolidating, and display all their deals under the same address on the leaderboard!

# Are offline deals eligible for Slingshot?

Yes, offline deals are eligible. They'll still show up on-chain (and consequently, on the leaderboard).

# Is there a minimum duration requirement for storage deals for them to be counted towards Slingshot rewards?

No, there is no minimum specifically for Slingshot. Currently, individual storage deals in Filecoin must be between 6 months and 1.5 years.

# Will I get credit for encrypted data that my project stores on testnet?

Yes. However, you will need to follow a specific verification process to verify the encrypted data, which will need to be completed during the Showcase and final verification. More details on this process will be shared in Week 3 of Phase 1.

# Making Deals with Miners

# I submitted my registration form, and the review committee has approved my application, but I am not on the leaderboard. How do I show up on the leaderboard?

Once you've made your first deal, the Filecoin address associated with this deal will show up on the leaderboard. Once you've submitted your application for community review and it is approved, your address on the leaderboard will be updated with your project information.

More details can be found on the Rules page.

# How do I acquire testnet FIL to spend on storage deals?

This answer depends on the integration method you have selected.

  • If you are using Textile Buckets or a hosted Powergate, your account will come auto-funded with some testnet FIL.
    • For Buckets, each address pre-funded with 1FIL.
    • For Hosted Powergate, each node will be pre-funded with 5FIL, and each new address is funded from that 5FIL wallet with an initial balance of 1FIL.
  • If you are using lotus or running a Powergate locally, you will need to request funds from the GitHub OAuth faucet (some more details in Filecoin Docs here). The faucet requires you to have a GitHub account that is at least a year old. Each GitHub account can receive 1 FIL.
  • In cases where you have exhausted the above options, please fill out this form to request more testnet funds.

Please note that testnet Filecoin should be treated as extremely scarce. Make sure you are setting your storage deal prices carefully so you don’t run out of testnet Filecoin. And always back up your Filecoin wallets!

# How do I select which miners to use?

There is a list of active miners accepting Slingshot deals available in the Github repository. These miners have been tested to accept deals from all storage clients on the network. The list will be continuously updated as more miners become available.

Textile Powergate and Buckets users use this dynamic set of miners by default. If you are using lotus directly, you will have to choose which miners to store data with and can use this dynamic miner set.

# What is a good storage deal price?

We leave this up for you to decide, but you should treat testnet Filecoin as extremely scarce. A heuristic of 100,000,000,000 attoFIL/GiB/epoch might be a good starting point.

# Will storage deals made on testnet persist to mainnet?

Toward the end of SR2, we will confirm the process for pre-loading sectors sealed during testnet into mainnet.

# Resources to Get Started

# I'm new to Filecoin. Where can I read more about it to see if participating in Slingshot is a good fit for me?

Welcome! To learn more about what Filecoin is and the mission, check out this video. To start getting into the technical details, Filecoin Docs is a great place to start. You might also find this video chatting through developing on Filecoin helpful!

# Are there any other docs sites that are useful?

Glad you asked! Textile has excellent documentation on Powergate and Buckets.

And if you are using IPFS in your project as a caching layer, the IPFS Docs is a good resource as well

# Where can I ask more questions?

Join Filecoin Slack to ask more questions!

Specifically, you might feel these channels useful:

  • #slingshot: Questions about the Slingshot competition, your submission, etc.
  • #fil-help, #fil-storage-dev, #fil-lotus: For technical questions regarding Filecoin
  • #powergate-users, #buckets-users: For general and technical help with the Textile stack
  • #slingshot-announcements: Announcements regarding the competition and events will be posted here (not for questions from participants)